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My resume (in English). Older version in Russian is available here).

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[Я могу научить вас создавать сайты подробнее>>>]

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LiveJournal itemid calculation

drumrock JavaScript Module Grid

Shulte's Tables (speedreading training)

SpeedReading Box (speedreading training by quickly scrolling text that you read)

Квадратное дыхание Нового Кода НЛП (простое упражнение для расслабления)

Тренажёр для улучшения зрения [версия 3, самая новая]

Eyes training to improve your vision [VERSION 2, improved]

Eyes training to improve your vision

PDA 15js game

Firefox Add-on that narrows wide pages, so you can read texts more comfortable

Windows Mobile pim.vol phone numbers extractor

Drumrock's Programming Language


drumrock-calc extension for firefox (screenshot)

JavaScript DIV-lines drawing

JavaScript equalizer

MS Word HTML tags cleaner

Drumrock_Smart_Form class

Easy MySQL database cleaner

Easy Recursive CHMODder